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Classic spread, new taste

Classic spread, new taste

By ‘eck, Yorkshire has a tasty new arrival this year – Proper Nutty Peanut Butter.   They debuted at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham at the end of November and sold out!  That’s a good few thousand jars of artisan peanut butter!

Proper born ‘n bred Yorkshire artisan peanut butter brand, full of flavour and personality, is fast covering fresh new ground, and boldly spreads far and wide in a few short months.

Stuart and Kathryn Franklin are the friendly nuts behind this delightful Proper Nutty peanut butter brand, a new arrival on the Yorkshire artisan food scene that is already making its presence felt in over sixty outlets nationwide.  It hasn’t taken long for Proper Nutty to go continental and hop across the channel to Belgium, to spread the unique taste and new texture of their carefully and lovingly crafted peanut butter.

Produced in their little factory in Dewsbury, entrepreneurial food artisans with experience in the food retail world, Stuart and Kathryn first developed a taste for peanut butter while living in New Zealand.  When they moved back to Yorkshire it was one of the things they really missed, and so they started to make and perfect their own.

“There was a lot of trial and error at the beginning to get a product we were happy with,” comments Stuart.  “ We feel that we have produced a slowly batch-roasted peanut butter with a unique texture that we like to call ‘smunchy’ – a little bit smooth, a little bit crunchy.”

They were very keen to establish their new business in Yorkshire, and to be a part of the entrepreneurial spirit and investment in the region.

“We still make every batch of our peanut butter ourselves from loading the peanuts into the roaster to filling the jars with the finished product, although at a capacity of 1000 jars per day it’s a bit harder work than when we started in our kitchen!”

They slowly roast their peanuts in small batches and then carefully grind them until they naturally attain their unique Proper Nutty smunchy texture.  Nothing artificial goes into the peanut butter.

The “Nowt but Nuts” jar is packed with 100% peanuts and the “Slightly Salted” jar contains just 0.5% natural sea salt added to the peanuts, that’s it! Glass jars are used as these are both better for the environment, being recyclable, and for the peanut butter itself, as glass is an impenetrable barrier and helps to retain the full flavour.

There are many inspired ways to enjoy peanut butter, from just spread on toast for breakfast, to other meals and recipes – snacking, cooking, baking, and of course right out of the jar with a spoon too! Spicy Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Soup is just one of many tasty recipes on their website www.propernutty.co.uk

Proper Nutty recently debuted at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham and sold out!  “We couldn’t believe how busy we were, we had to drive back to Dewsbury on the Friday night to re-stock for the weekend.” said Stuart.  “There was huge interest in the product and we have a lot of leads from the show that we now follow up on.”

“We were most proud to represent Yorkshire in this way, a region known for its delicious artisan produce.”

For further information and interview contact:  Stuart Franklin, co-owner of Proper Nutty

Email:  stuart@propernutty.co.uk

Phone:  01924 466959

Mobile: 07866 539081

Website:  www.propernutty.co.uk