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Richard Flint announces £56m Investment in Renewable Energies

Yorkshire Water Renewable Energy

Richard Flint announces £56m Investment in Renewable Energies

Yorkshire Water have increased their renewable energy generation by nearly 80% on the previous year with a 56 million pound investment.

On-site technology and machinery upgrades will see better sludge treatment processing and generation of energy via methane which should produce 75 gigawatt hours of electrical power output this year from Yorkshire Water, who are part of the Kelda Group.

The company's top 11 plants can now process and treat 97,000 tons of sludge each year, which puts their output up by 48% extra on their previous recorded figures. Specialist CHP (Combined Heat and Power Plants) can now burn the methane which is a by-product produced from the captured sludge.

Latest Yorkshire Water Upgrades

Large investments of £23 and £33 million have been made in the Blackburn Meadows and Esholt treament sites, with smaller modifications and updates also being activated in other sites and operations. These upgrades not only have increased energy generation, which in turn reduces Yorkshire Water's consumption of power, but maintenance costs have now also been reduced as a result.

CO2 emissions will now be cut by approximately 15,000 tons as well as the reduced need to incinerate sludge.

In 2012 and 2013 Yorkshire Water produced 7% of it's power by using renewables, the company now aims to raise this figure in time for 2015 to 15%. As well as the Combined Heat and Power Plants, Wind Turbines and Hydro-electric are used too.

For more information about Richard Flint (Chief Executive of Yorkshire Water and the Kelda Group) see this url: www.bitc.org.uk/about-us/who-we-are/richard-flint