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111 Places in York That You Shouldn‘t Miss

111 Places in York that you Shoudln't Miss

111 Places in York That You Shouldn‘t Miss

A Discovery Tour Apart from the Mainstream by Chris Titley

Travel through the solar system by bicycle. Discover a Bible that condones adultery. Snack on a bag of assorted salted insects. Pass the time in an idyllic secret garden. Shop at the world‘s smallest Lego store.

The Perfect Guide for Locals to Explore More Than Just History

York is best known for its immense history. The Romans, Saxons and Vikings all made an impact but the Georgian and Victorian eras also shaped the city‘s character as well as its architecture. York has more than its past to offer however. Chris Titley’s collection of 111 unusual - and unfortunately still widely unknown - locations portray a much more modern, edgier version of the city. Even the world’s most imaginative storyteller could not have made York up. The city is stranger than any fiction and houses more secrets and hidden places than you would think. Look out for ghosts and witches, pick your favourite button from over a million choices, visit the birthplace of Britain‘s most infamous terrorist, or enjoy delicious ice cream while boating on the River Ouse. Illustrated with numerous photographs by Richard McDougall, the book offers an insightful approach to an unusual York - a more eccentric and bizarre York, distinct from its famous landmarks.

Chris Titley is an award-winning journalist and writer. During his time as features editor at the Yorkshire Evening Press he wrote a weekly column, two books, and a number of supplements on the history of York. Since turning freelance in 2006 he has written for the Guardian, the Times Educational Supplement and Yorkshire Life. Chris also researched and wrote the 50,000-word text for the History of York website on behalf of the city’s Museums Trust, and a biography of the city’s confectionery pioneer Joseph Rowntree. He is co-founder and editor of the online news magazine YorkMix.

Chris Titley
111 Places in York That You Shouldn't Miss
Contains numerous photos
by Richard McDougall

Köln: Emons Verlag 2016
ISBN 978-3-95451-768-8
240 pages
£ 11,99 (UK)
$ 19,90 (US)
€ 16,95 (D)