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Community and Forum Guidelines

Articles, News, Press Releases and Directory Listings

All listings, articles and news on this site are provided on behalf of the businesses, event organisers, services and users who have submitted the information. We do not hold any responsibility for the accuracy, liability or copyright of the content of this website. Users who submit the information must hold the correct legal authority, licenses and copyright for the information submitted and the users who made the content submissions are fully accountable for any infringements or other liabilities. If we find any content that has been submitted which is false, inaccurate or breaches any European or International laws in any way; we will withdraw this content as quickly as possible.

Forum and Community Posts

The Inside Yorkshire discussion forums are a user chat topic community provided on behalf of our website users. Any misuse, illegal posts or inaccurate content will be removed if found on these forum and discussion boards. We do not allow business advertising or spam on the forums and request any users viewing suspicious content to please report this immediately to Inside Yorkshire so we can have it deleted.

If you are legitimate Yorkshire-based service or business we request you register and submit a listing to our Directory, as forum posts used for advertising purposes will be deleted by our moderators.